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ElecLink presents energy plans to public

Press Release | August 4, 2017

Plans for a new power connection via the Channel Tunnel, capable of transmitting 1,000MW of electricity to an estimated 1.6 million homes in England and France, will be shown to local residents later this month.

The proposed interconnector is one of the most advanced power transmission projects in Europe. It has received support from the UK government and the European Commission due to the reductions in carbon dioxide emissions and improvements in energy security that will result from the £500m project.

On Friday, August 18, ElecLink, a 100% owned subsidiary of Eurotunnel, is inviting members of the public to view its plans for the project at Sellindge Village Hall.

Steven Moore, Chief Executive Officer of ElecLink, said:

“After a number of years of planning, now is the right time to put our ideas for this connection into action. We hope as many residents of Sellindge and the surrounding area as possible will come to view our plans for the project.”

Converter stations in England and France will convert electricity between High Voltage Alternating Current (HVAC) and High Voltage Direct Current (HVDC). This will increase the current Anglo-French electricity exchange by 50 per cent, while the project also aims to reduce CO2 emissions by six million tonnes.

Fourteen kilometres of the proposed 51km HVDC cable will stretch between Sellindge and Folkestone. This section of the route will be buried underground.

Members of the ElecLink team involved in the project will be present to explain the plans and answer any questions from local residents at a public consultation meeting to be held at Sellindge Village Hall between 1pm and 8pm.

ElecLink presents energy plans to public

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